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Installing and repairing production line cabling

At Express Data we are specialists in network infrastructure installations, repairs and mends in mission-critical environments. 

You can count on us for high performance service on: data outlets, voice and data cabling, fibre connectivity, comms racks and cabinets, production line cabling, XL800 & XL810, scanners and sensors.

In this blog we look at installing and repairing production line cabling and how Express Data’s rapid response team can keep your business running at maximum productivity.

Limino OEE Enhancement image of beverage bottles in bottling plant

What is production line cabling?

Production line cabling essentially provides network connectivity to any IP enabled production device from assembly lines to check weighers to wrapping units. The data from these units needs to be transmitted securely and reliably to help maximise productivity on production lines in manufacturing and distribution. Our clients range from supermarkets to abattoirs.

What production line cabling is needed for

Cabling connects the components (IOT – Internet of Things) of a company’s network infrastructure to run one or multiple production lines and monitor their function.

It can also be used for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) systems. In one case we installed OEE solutions on 250 production lines over 13 sites, resulting in a 35% reduction in changeover times, £24,000 increase in profit per week on 12 manufacturing lines and return on investment in just five weeks.

Different types of production line cabling

Express Data’s mission-critical experts design cabling infrastuctures to meet each client’s specific needs. Our installation specialists then take over to wire each production line, position control cabinets and connect automation networks.

Cabling used in a production environment could be anything from Cat5e to the latest Cat8 cabling, depending on the specific requirement.

Cabling systems are tested to TIA, IEE and ISO-IEC standards.

We will plan your production line cabling installation around your business requirements and every project we undertake is completed rapidly, cost-effectively and to the high standards vital to mission-critical industries.

How does go production line cabling go wrong?

Production line and production environments are often extremely harsh, cabling can go wrong for many different reasons as an example; because it has been repeatedly disturbed over time or could simply deteriorate in humid or other challenging conditions. Negligence – with cables left dangling or running across the floor – can cause snagging and malfunction, as can crimping or bending cables.

Choosing a quality cable at the outset can extend lifespan.

If you suspect your production line cabling needs an upgrade – or if your system is already showing signs of failure ­– it’s essential to call out specialists with pinpoint experience and qualified engineers.

Production line cabling installation and repair experts

Express Data offers rapid-response installation and repair because in the fast-moving world of manufacturing and distribution, those who delay risk losing business.

Our clients have high-value networks where downtime needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Our team of experts are fully trained in the latest as well as legacy solutions and hold Health & Safety qualifications such as CSCS, SSSTS, SSMTS and IPAF.

Find out how Express Data’s production line cabling installation and repair specialists can keep your business running at maximum productivity. Contact us today on 0113 277 4111 or email

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