Installing and repairing data outlets

At Express Data we are specialists in network infrastructure installations, repairs and mends in mission-critical environments. 

You can count on us for high performance service on: data outlets, voice and data cabling, fibre connectivity, comms racks and cabinets, production line cabling, XL800 & XL810, scanners and sensors.

In this blog we look at Data outlets as a service. What data outlets are, the different types of data outlets and how Express Data can help if something goes wrong!

What are data outlets?

A data outlet is a location in your premises giving you access to wired ethernet connectivity – where you plug in devices your business depends on. They are covered by face plates to conceal the wires and jacks.

Express Data install and repair at premises with 1 to 10,000 data outlets, in sectors ranging from manufacturing and transport to education and healthcare.

What data outlets are needed for

Plugging into a data outlet gives your device a fast and reliable wired (rather than WiFi) network and internet connectivity.

Data outlets are therefore the starting point for the versatile connectivity modern offices require.

Different types of data outlets

The range of data outlets available runs from Cat5e data outlets to the latest Cat8 data outlets, passing through Cat6, Cat6A and Cat7. What you need depends on what iteration of data cable you want to install for your data transfer.

While CAT5e data cable operates on frequencies up to 100 MHz and can transfer data at speeds up to 1000 MB per second, Cat8 uses an unprecedented 2 billion (2 GHz) signals per second and transfers data at up to 40 Gigabits per second.

How do data outlets go wrong?

Data outlets can become damaged with careless use, if staff try to force in the wrong cables, or if they become blocked by dust or lint.

Express Data can use diagnostic testing tools to check if your data outlet is faulty or if a problem lies elsewhere.

We can rapidly install, move and repair data outlets in premises big and small across the UK.

Comprehensive care

We also run a comprehensive service for all network infrastructure installations, repairs and mends.

We fully test all our installations to relevant standards and provide test results with your handover documentation.

Because no network or data centre is the same, Express Data maintenance and support services are customised to meet every client’s needs.

Contact us today on 0113 277 4111 or email to find out how Express Data’s network infrastructure installation and repair specialists can keep your business running at maximum productivity.

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