Express Data is a specialist provider of network infrastructure and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solutions.
Our customers rely on our rapid, on the ground support to diagnose, fix or move network infrastructures with a high cost of failure.
If your requirements are uniquely complex, and technology is mission critical to run your organisation efficiently, we’re confident that we will deliver powerful outcomes that drive better business results.

Why Express Data

There are many good reasons why you should work with Express Data.

Here are our top three, all delivered by our great people:

24/7 Rapid Response

Our specialist engineers will be on site the same or next day to fault find, diagnose and restore connectivity.

Mission Critical Support

We specialise in environments where the network infrastructure has a high cost of failure and needs to work in tough conditions.

Improved Financial Results

We drive new revenue streams, improve operational effectiveness, reduce costs and ultimately make you more profitable.

We are experts in squeezing the last drop of performance from your technologies and in building solutions optimised for mission-critical, performance-dependent environments.

We engineer everything based around achieving business outcomes and compelling results, whether they are financial, experiential, enabling new working practices, or all at once.

We do not seek to pretend to be experts in all areas of mainstream IT; rather, we focus on our specialisms, with best-of-breed vendors, to build purpose-built platforms for innovation.

The Express Difference

Express Data aren’t the only people out there providing network and technology infrastructure solutions.

So how are we different from the mainstream?

We take pride in being a performance network infrastructure company who build solutions for specialist requirements and/or mission-critical environments.

By way of analogy, look at these two cars.

They’re both cars. Each is a Ford Fiesta. If you look beyond the fancy livery on the rally car, they look pretty similar. Underneath, where it counts, they really aren’t.

The white Fiesta is mainstream and the rally Fiesta is performance engineered for its specialist purpose.

You can pop to the shops in either if you want. But if you’re hitting a rally course, you’d be insane if you didn’t jump in the car built for the purpose in mind.

If the requirements for, say, your network infrastructure are low-key, it runs some PCs and phones in your office, but you won’t lose any sleep if it’s not peak performance and reliability, there are plenty of companies who can help.

On the other hand, if the network is mission-critical, if the technologies that run your business are riding on it, if you need rapid on the ground response, then you need performance network engineering and specialist tuning.

The benefits will speak for themselves.

We have decades of innovation heritage in technology. Our history will tell you that we’re the right partner for your future.

See our history of innovation

Our history

The Passion

Every successful tech business has a passionate driver where their enthusiasm to achieve the difficult makes the difficult achievable, and so it is at Express Data.

The Express Data team follow Simon’s passion and drive so our clients get great performance and fantastic business outcomes from technology.

The team have an outstanding history of innovation and our customers benefit from architectural designs that few can match. We’re also a friendly and approachable bunch who are passionate about delivering a great customer experience.

Why don’t you invest 15 minutes and talk to Simon to better understand how we can find improvements to your business using smarter technology. Book a call at a time that suits you here.

Our History

We have three decades of technology innovation, from cabling through LAN to WiFi and OEE. We have helped famous names like Cisco and Intel to take their products to pioneering customers. This includes some of the World’s first and UK’s first installations of tech we take for granted today. Just a few of our achievements are outlined below.

  • 2019

    We worked with Karro Food’s manufacturing team and LineView to develop the XL810, and we have now installed over 300 production line management devices delivering double-digit productivity improvements for anything from slicing bacon to packing apples.

  • 2017

    Express Data, in partnership with Morrisons, installed over 300 XL800 Productivity Solutions in 13 different production facilities in the United Kingdom, the single biggest deployment in the UK with an average return on investment of less than 12 weeks.

  • 2016

    For car dealer JCT600 we installed a 52 site WiFi solution with AirTight (now Arista) Networks equipment via a turnkey delivery including surveys, cabling, installation, configuration and support. It provides single corporate sign on across all sites with a secure guest network and cloud analytics.

Express Data customers are more innovative, perform better financially and sleep well at night too.

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Customer stories