XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances 

At Express Data we are specialists in network infrastructure installations, repairs and mends in mission-critical environments. 

You can count on us for high performance service on: data outlets, voice and data cabling, fibre connectivity, comms racks and cabinets, production line cabling, XL800 & XL810, scanners and sensors.

In this blog we look at XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances and how Express Data can help you improve manufacturing productivity.

What are XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances? 

XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances are powerful tools for improving manufacturing productivity. They track production performance, measuring downtime, efficiency and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with results displayed live on a visual scoreboard for all in the factory to see.

Each XL800 or XL810 is a “black box” consisting of a database, a server and a display wallboard for each production line.

What XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances are needed for

They dramatically cut downtime, eliminate inefficiency, reduce costs and improve profitability. Managers gain real-time visibility into wastage (whether they are on site on remotely) and can act quickly to prevent losses. Seeing productivity displayed on wallboards galvanises workforces, spurring employees to “win” their shift. Manufacturers can identify the root cause of missed targets and seize on opportunities for improvement.

We have installed XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances on over 300 lines spanning 100+ different products, from bacon to pizzas, door frames to chairs.

Express Data customers have achieved:

  • a 30% increase in production
  • up to 90% efficiency – from as low as 45%
  • downtime slashed from 160 to 10 minutes per shift
  • 127% of target thanks to motivated employees
  • £24,000 a week increase in net profit from 12 lines

XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances help identify the six biggest reasons for productivity loss, often including major and/or minor breakdowns, extended set-up time, material shortages or damaged rejects. With the right information, each deficiency can be rectified as an opportunity for increased productivity, profitability and staff morale.

More uptime and more efficiency means higher outputs every day, leading to higher profits.

Different types of productivity appliances 

XL800 productivity appliances are a tried-and-tested platform with tens of thousands deployed around the world.

XL810 productivity appliances are the latest version. They retain all the functionality of the XL800 with some additions, including:

  • Error proofing shift patterns
  • Language and regions added for multinational organisations
  • Simplified one-click configurations
  • Simpler software upgrades
  • More powerful hardware: 10 x more processing power, 30 x more RAM, 250 x more flash memory
  • Improved process model
  • Improved data model
  • Improved sensor configuration
  • Significantly more metrics
  • And most importantly, more reports for better data understanding.

What happens if XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances go wrong?

XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances offer plug-and-play simplicity with built-in data collection and reporting, but in harsh production line and production environments they can develop faults. If they are mishandled, exposed to humid or wet conditions, and if cables are bent or twisted they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Fortunately XL800 and XL810 productivity appliances are low cost and highly cost effective, delivering Return on Investment in a matter of weeks.

When something does go wrong, Express Data has a team of fast-response troubleshooting experts able to carry out repairs or replacement for customers operating in mission-critical sectors. It is the result of our 20 years’ deep experience in IT and productivity improvement.

Find out how Express Data’s production line cabling installation and repair specialists can keep your business running at maximum productivity. Contact us today on 0113 277 4111 or email info@expressdata.co.uk.

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