Powerful solutions require strong underpinnings. We work exclusively with hand-picked, best-in-class suppliers, with whom we hold high levels of accreditation and years of heritage.


With some of our partners, we are actively involved in their R&D and are their leading UK partner. Our engineers not only have deep domain expertise in each practice area but have also developed comprehensive know-how of each supplier’s product range.

Physical Layer

It all starts here. Level 1 on the ISO stack – the physical layer. And the underpinning of all our technologies; under-rate it at your peril.

Network Layer

The next level of our technology stack is the network itself. It’s the transit layer for all your data, devices and applications, so it must work.

Our innovation history shows our prestigious background in performance engineering for Local Area Networks. If our cabling solutions are the arteries of your technical infrastructure, then the LAN is the heart, pumping your data to wherever it’s needed.

We hold accreditations with multiple leading manufacturers, so we build only best-of-breed LANs. Express Data is an Extreme Networks Gold Partner, a Cisco Installer, an Aruba partner, and experts with Allied Telesis Network Artificial Intelligence.

As ever, it’s our in-house team who do all the work. We don’t rely on the underlying manufacturer to provide technical expertise, meaning we can deploy and diagnose as quickly as anybody. Our qualified design team offers rapid turnaround times, as we don’t need to wait for vendor presales to do our jobs for us. A signed-off design moves straight to our installations team who bring it to life on-site. Nobody can squeeze as much performance from a wired LAN as Express Data engineers can.

Our turnkey solutions are broad and complete. They include Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity, access control and environmental monitoring solutions. Our key skill of integration is demonstrated by our ability to deliver integrated systems for IoT, Building Management Systems (BMS) and IP connectivity.

For many organisations, the wireless LAN is just as important as the wired LAN. For factories, warehouses, campuses and retail environment, WiFi is often the only network connectivity option that’s viable. If it’s mission critical, it would benefit from Limino performance engineering.

Our wireless LANs are designed, installed and commissioned entirely by our in-house qualified engineering teams. We spec our solutions to be compatible with 802.11a, 802.11abg, 803.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax standards.

We apply our normal best-of-breed approach to WiFi to ensure peak performance. We use AirMagnet Survey and Planning tools, along with equipment from Arista Cognitive, Extreme Networks, Fortinet and Xirrus. Finally, we use point-to-point technologies from Siklu, Ubiquity and Bridgewave.

Connected Layer

The last layer is the array of tech that we connect to the network. From devices to user management to platforms, they complete the picture.
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