Voice and data cabling

At Express Data we are specialists in network infrastructure installations, repairs and mends in mission-critical environments. 

You can count on us for high performance service on: data outlets, voice and data cabling, fibre connectivity, comms racks and cabinets, production line cabling, XL800 & XL810, scanners and sensors.

In this blog we look at voice and data cabling as a service. What is voice and data cabling, types of voice and data cabling, what it’s needed for and how Express Data can help if something goes wrong!

What is voice and data cabling?

Voice and data cabling ­is essential for fast data transmission, secure information and reliability when it comes to telephone and computer networks. The cabling infrastructure is what holds everything together.

What voice and data cabling is needed for

With the right cabling you can reduce infrastructure costs by making sure your network runs at optimum level.

Voice and data cabling allows every modern organisation to operate, big and small. We can install data cabling solutions ranging in size from 1 to 10,000 outlets, and our clients have included schools, universities, hotels, business centres, manufacturing, data centres and financial institutions.

Every installation is tested to ensure compliance with the relevant standards, because cabling is the bedrock of smooth network function – from multimedia to telephony, wireless and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Our highly experienced engineers can install, expand and repair voice and data cabling if you are opening new premises, moving into a bigger space, upgrading your capabilities or have a fault.

Different types of voice and data cabling

Voice and data cabling runs from Cat5e to the latest Cat8 cabling, passing through Cat6, Cat6A and Cat7. While CAT5e data cable operates on frequencies up to 100 MHz and can transfer data at speeds up to 1000 MB per second, Cat8 uses an unprecedented 2 billion (2 GHz) signals per second with the potential to transfer data at up to 40 Gigabits per second.

We will plan your data cabling installation around the specific needs of your business. Our engineers can work without any downtime on your current network infrastructure so that disruption to your operations is minimal.

Because no network is identical, our support, maintenance and repair services are customised to meet each client’s requirements, but every project we undertake is completed rapidly, cost-effectively and to the high standards vital to mission-critical industries.

How does voice and data cabling go wrong

With a poor quality or outdated cabling system, data will be transmitted more slowly, information can be lost or corrupted, and disaster can strike in the form of a whole system breakdown – a calamity in mission-critical environments.

If you suspect your cabling needs an upgrade – or if your system is already showing signs of failure ­– it’s essential to call out specialists with pinpoint experience and qualified engineers.

From designing the best solution for your business to comprehensive aftercare and emergency call-out, Express Data are the network infrastructure installation, repair and mend specialists.

Contact us today on 0113 277 4111 or email info@expressdata.co.uk to find out how Express Data’s network infrastructure installation and repair specialists can keep your business running at maximum productivity.

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