Helping our customers feed the UK

Express Data has strong ties with one of Britain’s biggest food manufacturers. 

Its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solutions are installed and managed by Express Data – and when a production line goes down, we are rapidly on site. In June 2021 alone, we attended five of its sites across England and Scotland to rectify and support our customer with urgent production line issues.  


All of these were resolved, saving thousands of pounds in downtime, and allowing continued process control and data capture. 

We are proud to play a part in helping this company feed the nation. 

Fast response 

In one case an Express Data engineer was on site rapidly – even though this involved a 860-mile round trip with seven hours of driving each way. Customer service is our priority, so when this abattoir north of Aberdeen called to say one of our XL production line units was down, we swung into action.  

On site our engineer discovered that the unit had been subject to some very heavy use (including being sprayed with water during the manufacturing process) and was in need of some TLC.  

We sorted out the problem immediately, and as a result the abattoir regained full visibility of downtime with all the data required to improve productivity. 

Profit up £24,000 per week  

The cost implication for manufacturers can be significant. In a previous case we installed XL systems on 12 food production lines across the UK, with wall displays to motivate staff.  

Using the data that XL provided, the company made changes that cut changeover time by 35%, reduced line breakdown times and achieved an overall increase in productivity of 4%. 

This increased net profit by £24,000 per week from the 12 lines – a stunning return on investment. 

Through these difficult times, Express Data has maintained its rapid nationwide response, complying to COVID and site requirements and helping solve costly and complex issues – helping our customers to continue feeding the UK. 

Contact us today to find out how Express Data can help your company improve productivity and reduce costs. 


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