Rapid solution to lost wireless network connectivity

When a busy sales operation loses network connectivity, getting it back up and running becomes mission critical! Our customer’s remote in-house IT team and were struggling to find a solution and so called Express Data. We were on-site straight away and had them back up and running within 24 hours.

Managing mission-critical network infrastructure change

Express Data is a network infrastructure company that provides fast and effective management of planned data connectivity changes. Our expert network installation and network communications teams provide on the ground support, including expert planning, preparation, and men on the ground to minimise network downtime and maintain business as usual.

Network support for ambitious businesses

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and business leaders building a company need support that ensures their technology won’t let them down – support that’s tailored to mission-critical industries. Find out how Express Data can help.

Fibre Connectivity

Fibre connectivity is a data connection carried by a cable filled with thin glass or plastic fibres which allows for super-fast and seamless streaming, video calls etc. If you suspect you cabling needs an upgrade – give us a call!