Replace clunky spreadsheets with live performance data – for instant productivity gains

#7 reasons to try XL …here is #1

The XL productivity appliance provides the information you need to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness, cut downtime, reduce wastage and increase productivity.

#1 We replace clunky spreadsheets with live performance data – for instant productivity gains

Imagine OEE that is so fast and so accurate you can instantly respond. Instantly react. Instantly improve.

That’s XL. Information. Decision. Action. Results.

If you’re still wrestling with cumbersome spreadsheets and outdated Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems, your business is probably throwing money away.

Express Data’s low-cost XL intelligent productivity appliance replaces clunky manual data entry with an instant real-time ground-level view of production.

So you can address problems on the shop floor immediately.

Proven results

Taking action leads to proven results including: 

  • Productivity gains
  • Real-time visibility into wastage and
  • Sustained change to prevent losses.

The impact is game-changing … saving £9,000 a week in labour losses at one of our major supermarket abattoir customers.

Red alerts

XL simply bolts onto your existing production process. It counts product in real time, automatically senses when your line goes down and flashes red alerts on wallboard displays for everyone on the shop floor to see.

You can also be notified instantly on any tablet, smart phone or network-enabled device.

So if a labelling machine runs out and only 50% of expected product is reaching the end of the line, your operations manager can take action. Instantly.

Better decision making

Real-time production intelligence is not all. XL also provides the information you need for better long-term decision making. It plots Pareto charts and analyses trends for you.

All without time-consuming manual data entry or manipulation.

Choose XL so your business can instantly respond. Instantly react. Instantly improve.

Immediate action

Agile manufacturers using XL have production information at their fingertips so they can take action immediately on the shop floor, where it really counts.

Not days afterwards in a boardroom inquest when it’s too late.

Can you afford to keep doing things the old-fashioned way?

Contact Express Data today on 0113 277 4111 or email and we’ll show you the difference we make.

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