View your data from any network enabled device – anytime, anywhere

#7 reasons to try XL …here is #3

The XL productivity appliance provides the information you need to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness, cut downtime, reduce wastage and increase productivity.

#3 View your data from any network enabled device – anytime, anywhere

Real-time. Right now. Production at a glance. View every machine in your factory.

We are not claiming that Express Data’s low-cost XL intelligent productivity appliance gives you superhero powers to be all seeing and all knowing …but almost.

You can track production wherever you are. In your office, in meeting rooms, in the factory, out on the road.

You can use this real-time intelligence to assign resources, switch priorities or notify critical staff.

So you can hit your targets – and do even better. In the words of one XL client:

“The results are amazing … a 30% increase in production.”

XL monitors performance in real time, counting the products rolling off your production lines.

It then displays the numbers on wallboards on the shopfloor, as well as on any network-enabled tablet, phone or device.

In the office or on the move, you can see a real time status of your production facility.

It’s simple:

  • Green means running
  • Red means down
  • Amber means changeover
  • Blue means not scheduled

You can also display production metrics on a network-enabled TV for an easy-to-digest visual status of each production line.

That’s not all. Automated email reporting provides an update of your chosen metrics to you at selected times e.g. end of shift report, end of week report.

What are the benefits?

  • Compare and contrast your improvement journey – see your top losses and automatically create a graph plotting lost time against each reason.
  • More than 100 production metrics can be measured and reported.
  • Email or text alerts to key people. For example, alert maintenance if a line is down for five minutes, or notify the production manager if the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) weekly target is exceeded.

Keep communication open for seamless integration of all your production, no matter where you are.

Contact Express Data today on 0113 277 4111 or email and we’ll show you the difference we make.

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