Display live performance data on wallboards to motivate your staff

#7 reasons to try XL …here is #2

The XL productivity appliance provides the information you need to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness, cut downtime, reduce wastage and increase productivity.

#2 We display live performance data on wallboards to motivate your staff

“Our shifts now compete on a daily basis to try and out-produce the other shifts.”

This comment from a production manager is a common theme across many sites using Express Data’s low-cost XL intelligent productivity appliance.

What encourages these employees to work harder?

The fact that XL monitors performance in real time, counting the products rolling off your production lines.

It then displays the numbers on wallboards for all to see, spurring your operators to beat their co-workers and “win” their shift.

“Amazing Results”

Here is the verdict of a soft drinks can manufacturer after XL was installed on its production lines:

“The results are amazing … a 30% increase in production since the screens were installed. Everybody in the plant loves the displays.” 

Using XL to display your live production numbers prominently on the shop floor galvanises staff, improves morale and increases profitability.

Express Data has installed XL on over 300 lines spanning 100+ different products, from bacon to pizzas, door frames to chairs. 

The results are impressive.

XL allows operators to see shift target, downtime, scrap rate and over 100 other production metrics at a glance.

All with a clean and engaging real-time production display.

Are your targets set too low?

There is another advantage, and that is the ability to find out where you’ve set targets too high – and too low.

As a Global sugar producer discovered:

“We inadvertently set one target higher than planned … and the line was soon running at 127% of the real plan simply because the goal was there on the XL display screen!”

The company has learned an important lesson with bottom-line benefit: “Our team can outperform our expectations and lines are showing record productivity numbers.” 

Wallboard displays are not the only way to monitor performance. For complete performance visibility, XL is also accessible from anywhere via its web server.

Contact Express Data today on 0113 277 4111 or email info@expressdata.co.uk and we’ll show you the difference we make.

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