Expert network infrastructure relocation

How quick and efficient service moved a production line with minimum disruption

Operational efficiency is key in any production environment: downtime reduces productivity and hits your bottom line.

That’s why it’s crucial to call in the experts if you plan any activity that will require production systems to shut down, even for the briefest time. For major relocations such as moving production lines, it is even more critical to minimise downtime by using network infrastructure relocation experts at Express Data, who will get it right first time.

Moving critical network Infrastructure

A major food processing company had to move a series of production lines from one production plant to another about 170 miles away. They planned production flows so that they could support the lines being inactive for a fixed duration during the move, but needed to keep this downtime as brief as possible. It was also vital to the customer that production could start up again seamlessly as soon as the move had taken place. Express Data were tasked with carrying out this mission-critical operation.

Network infrustructure specialists

Planning network infrastructure relocation

Express Data allocated a team of five skilled engineers to carry out the work to the customer’s timeline – in this case over the course of a month.

First, we planned the network infrastructure relocation in detail to ensure that each production line could be cleanly decommissioned. We worked out how best to remove the intelligent infrastructure, preserving data cabling and other resources as required so that the space could be re-used in future.

Then we planned the network cabling installation at the destination plant, including how this would be delivered and when, so that the production lines could be reinstalled and re-started on time, working at full capacity from the outset.

Multi-skilled teams at Express Data

Our on-site teams are skilled in a range of areas, including data cabling installation and network infrastructure installation, troubleshooting and fixing mission-critical technical solutions. Where other network cabling installation companies might simply focus on the data cabling itself, or just ‘lift & shift’, Express Data experts have the knowledge and skills to take a much broader responsibility. 

We understand in detail how your network cabling installation works, the complexity of linked electronic systems including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and the important role of mission-critical technology in your organisation. 

On top of this, we are frequently praised for the polite and tidy way our teams carry out their work, always respecting health and safety and working with focus to deliver complete, dependable solutions every time.

Network cabling installation in harsh environments

As a specialist provider of network infrastructure cabling and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solutions, Express Data understands the need to ensure that any network infrastructure, including your data cabling installation, is protected from harsh environments.

In this case, food production lines and the related machine technology required protection from water and chemicals used in cleaning down, as well as from any spillage. Technical systems were remote from operational areas, so we installed the network infrastructure carefully, ensuring that all cabling is protected from exposure through sealed steel dairy tube systems.  

Express Data: supporting network infrastructure relocation

Our large food processing customer was delighted with the expertise and efficiency of Express data’s team. We:

  • planned the network infrastructure relocation with them to meet their operational requirements;
  • prepared for breakdown and reassembly, decommissioning and safely removing technical infrastructure from their site; 
  • planned and installed the network infrastructure for the new location to meet their timeline; and
  • tested and troubleshooted all systems after installation.

As a result, our customer was able to restart the relocated food production lines exactly as planned. No overrun, no faulty systems on installation: just the seamless mission-critical relocation of network infrastructure by the experts – Express Data.

Get in touch if you are planning to move mission-critical network infrastructure: Express Data are here to help. 

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