Rapid solution to lost wireless network connectivity

How Express Data rescued a crucial sales showroom from an internet blackout

Sales and marketing teams in a prestigious car showroom need immediate access to their computer systems and communication tools. When this showroom’s network connectivity crashed, they struggled to work out where the problem lay – losing critical time and impairing their car-buying customers’ experience. 

Express Data was able to provide rapid on the ground help. Our specialist network infrastructure support team quickly diagnosed and solved the network connectivity problem. Within 24 hours the sales and marketing team were back up and running, and showroom customers had access to the high level of service they had come to expect.

Multi-site network infrastructure   

As organisations expand, they may operate across multiple sites sharing a network infrastructure supported by wired or wireless network connections.  All such sites are dependent upon a robust network at both physical and connectivity layers, providing everything from communications tools to access to key software programmes critical to the smooth operation of a business. 

Express Data was called for fast, expert support to find out why connectivity had failed at one of several sites operated by our customer. Key network infrastructure was located at a different site some 500m away, so our first challenge was to find out which part of the network infrastructure or network connectivity had failed. 

Expert network infrastructure engineers on call 

In this case, we received an urgent call at 11.30am on Tuesday morning after our customer’s remote IT team had been unable to find a solution. We immediately recognised that this was a mission-critical situation for the organisation and allocated technical support engineers to provide on-site diagnosis of the fault and fix the problem. 

Express Data has a multi-skilled team of mobile network infrastructure engineers able to understand and investigate wired networks, LAN switching and wireless networks. They have the expertise to solve problems that traditional IT support, cable contractors and other network infrastructure providers cannot. This problem could have been caused by anything from physical damage to a cable, to a failed radio transmitter: without expert help it could have taken many days to solve, significantly affecting the business. 

Network connectivity through a wireless bridge

We quickly identified that this customer was using a wireless bridge, rather than cable, to share network connectivity from the local site. A wireless connection can take many different forms, for example using microwaves, laser or Wi-Fi to transmit data. In this case, network connectivity was shared from the source using components similar to satellite dishes at each end, sending and receiving data through radio communications. 

Our on the ground network connectivity engineer soon established that the Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector had failed, preventing the passage of data.  

Mission critical repair of broken wireless bridge 

Express Data teams have a detailed understanding of network infrastructure components, including how and where to source replacement parts at speed. Knowing that only a PoE injector with exactly the right output and wattage would work, we identified a key contact in our network of suppliers and were able to have the correct part delivered at maximum speed direct to the site.  

Our engineer returned onsite to instal the replacement component, then thoroughly tested the system to ensure that full network connectivity had been restored. 

Network connectivity crisis solved by Express Data 

Thanks to our expert rapid support, our customer’s showroom was fully up and running by 9.30am next morning, less than 24 hours after we had received a stressed call for help.  

At Express Data we understand the commercial impact of any failure in your network connectivity, which can impose downtime and lead to loss of business, with a further potential impact on customer satisfaction. We also recognise the stress that such failure can cause. 

That’s why we focus on fast, expert, on-site support. We diagnose and repair any element of your network infrastructure and the technologies is supports – in this case a faulty wireless bridge. This means you are back in business as quickly as possible, and your stress levels can return to normal!  

For mission-critical, emergency network connectivity solutions, contact Express Data now on 0113 277 4111 or email info@expressdata.co.uk.

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