Network infrastructure installation in high-risk areas

Why you need experts who do more than just fit cabling 

You may think that network infrastructure installation is simply a matter of installing a few cables and making sure they connect effectively. But an expert network infrastructure installer will do far more – protecting your business now and for the future. 

At Express Data we have the skills and expertise to provide network connectivity solutions even in difficult environments. We work at height, work alongside high voltage cabling, install network infrastructure in busy environments where the installation of large machinery is going on around us: our expert network infrastructure installers work safely and efficiently even in the most difficult conditions. 

Network installation in high-risk areas 

In modern manufacturing environments there is always a demand for network connectivity to monitor and control machinery. A customer recently called us at short notice when their IT department were suddenly informed that a huge piece of machinery, about to be installed, required network connectivity. 

This was a high-risk area for our team: 

  • The machine was about 7m high, with a 4m x 4m footprint, to be installed in a location with very little room to work around it  
  • Our skilled engineers needed to work at height 
  • Installation was carried out alongside high-voltage busbars and machinery 
  • Cranes and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) were working in the area. 

It was therefore vital to ensure Health & Safety conditions were met throughout the network installation. 

Full network installation service  

Express Data teams provide a full network planning and installation service, including carrying out a full Risk Assessment and preparing a Method Statement to ensure that work will be carried out safely. 

Our teams have the experience and understanding to assess high risk situations and take appropriate precautions. They are qualified to use relevant equipment and machinery, so you can trust them to stay safe and protect both your people and your environment. 

Expert understanding of cabling needs 

The proximity of high voltage cables to this installation meant that there was an added risk of interference with data transmission, requiring the network infrastructure to be carefully planned.  

Express Data advised on and selected the right quality of cabling for this customer’s specific needs, meeting the appropriate IEEE Standards. We also ensured that this was properly installed to avoid any physical impediment (such as bending cables too tightly) that might reduce the efficiency of the network connectivity.    

‘Right first time’ technical network infrastructure installation experts 

Of course, our specialist engineers also have the technical expertise to carry out the installation of your network infrastructure quickly and efficiently. At Express Data we pride ourselves on network infrastructure installations that are ‘right first time’. 

On this occasion, our customer gave us a very tight timeframe in which to plan and complete the work, and it was vital that the network infrastructure should work perfectly as soon as the machinery was connected.  

We were delighted to advise, plan and complete the network infrastructure installation within the critical timeframe, ensuring that it delivered full network connectivity to the machinery as soon as the installation was complete. 

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