Emergency network infrastructure support for site and facilities managers

Why you should call Express Data for fast connectivity solutions

As a site or facilities manager you are expected to oversee the operation and maintenance of building systems and services, and to manage office systems generally referred to as ‘IT’.

But do you know what to do if your network goes down? Who to call?

In this blog we’ll explain why Express Data should be your first contact for fast diagnosis and repair of connectivity problems.

No more IT department

When businesses employed on-site IT support, you knew who to call when something went wrong. The IT department would send someone over to work out why the Wi-Fi was playing up, your office networks were not talking to each other, or your access control system was down.

But with remote working, and downsized office teams, many organisations have lost that on-the-ground help. COVID-19 accelerated the dispersal of in-house IT departments, with experts now working from home and no longer willing or able to solve problems in person.

Network connectivity is crucial

Today virtually every workplace demands network connectivity. Whether your site is a university providing access to real or virtual libraries; a shop requiring digital commerce solutions; or a factory using production line sensors, the ability for people and machines to connect is now crucial.

Express Data understands connectivity. We are expert at installing and improving the robust technology that is the foundation for all technologies in your organisation. This includes:

  • The Physical Layer (including fibre or copper cabling)
  • The Network layer (enabling wired or wireless local area networks)
  • The Connected layer (the technologies connected to your network, such as cameras and Wi-Fi user platforms)

Network connectivity enables an organisation to work efficiently. But if network connectivity fails, costs and inefficiencies quickly escalate.

In-person ‘Man & Van’ solutions

Remote IT teams still have their place, but many network infrastructure issues cannot be resolved remotely. What is needed is an expert on the ground, able to diagnose the problem through practical testing and tracing, then advise on the best network solution.

Express Data provides exactly this. Our expert teams can be with you on site quickly, and start work straight away to solve your problem. No need to try to work out where the problem is yourself, nor to struggle with who to call – Express Data will be there quickly to troubleshoot and repair.

Mission-critical failure

The importance of network connectivity is rarely noticed until it fails – at which time consequences can quickly escalate to the point where ‘business as usual’ falters. Connectivity failures can mean anything from an inability to access premises or data, to a complete stop on production.

Mission-critical failures clearly demand fast action. At Express Data we are alert to the commercial repercussions of any delay, acting quickly to diagnose and restore faulty networks. Our rapid response and hands-on expertise deliver a cost-effective solution to network infrastructure and connectivity problems.

Your emergency IT rescue team

To find out more about how we can rescue and support the network infrastructure and connectivity at your organisation, contact us on 0113 277 4111 or email info@expressdata.co.uk.

To speak to one of our experts, click on the button below.

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