Business benefits of centralised IT support 

What’s your priority when it comes to improving your financial results? Driving new revenue streams, improving operational effectiveness, increasing profitability … or all of the above?

Technology solutions are often the key to better performance, but they need to bring measurable, meaningful benefits.

Here are three solutions that really are making a difference:

ONE: Fast, free and reliable WiFi and monetisation

It is crucial for retailers to be able to target marketing campaigns at consumers in high footfall areas, for example, and resilient WiFi and monetisation solutions will do just that. They offer a better experience for customers, too, keeping them around for longer, spending more. Building contractors in the retail sector and shopping mall or leisure estate owners also know the value of a robust network that never fails in attracting brands to take space in their facility. Seamless technology means retail employees can do their work without distraction and enhances organisational performance.

TWO: OEE (Overall Operational Effectiveness)

OEE Solutions are proven ways of reducing downtime on production lines. Express Data’s low-cost XL intelligent productivity appliance, for example, has seen one of the world’s leading brands increase production by 30% thanks to real-time productivity data displayed on wallboards that galvanise employees to “win” their shift. More output means more inventory to sell and higher profits.

THREE: High performance engineered-in for mission-critical deployment

If technology failure means companies can’t take payments, employees can’t work, consumers will leave, or students can’t learn, then they should lock in the SLAs the business needs from a specialist. In fact, if a network is carrying the tools that run an entire business – anything from eCommerce platforms to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to line-of-business software – it is too great a risk to leave it in the hands of a standard IT provider. Businesses that are trying to be more dynamic, innovative and pioneering, or those in education with thousands of students relying on them, need mission-critical expertise.

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