Managing mission-critical network infrastructure change

Why you can trust Express Data for fast network connectivity solutions

Are you moving offices? Do you need to switch from one network installation to another? Does any downtime have a critical impact on your business?

Express Data is a network infrastructure company that provides fast and effective management of planned data connectivity changes. Our expert network installation and network communications teams provide on the ground support, including expert planning, preparation, and men on the ground to minimise network downtime and maintain business as usual.

Mission-critical network connectivity

Commercial businesses, educational and medical facilities – indeed, almost any organisation today depends on network infrastructure connectivity. From network communications to sales, access control and logistics, there is a high cost to any failure in the network infrastructure.

As a specialist network infrastructure company, Express Data has a strong commercial awareness of the need to work fast. We understand that continuity of network communications is crucial, and are expert at planning and carrying out network infrastructure changes in a way that places your business operations first, minimising downtime.

Network infrastructure change management

Your network infrastructure may require support for a range of reasons. Whether you are adding OEE improvement solutions, repairing or moving the physical infrastructure layer, Express Data can manage network infrastructure change. More than that, we are expert in managing change in mission-critical, high-pressure environments.

For example, we recently helped a large technology company move their entire office to a new location, providing a seamless transition from the old network infrastructure to new network installation and network communications. Here’s how we did it:

Fast, efficient network infrastructure relocation

Our customer provides international payment facilities for eCommerce, an industry where high-quality network connectivity is crucial. Any downtime when moving their staff to a new location could have caused serious issues.

In fact, we prepared and carried out the network infrastructure changes so effectively that workers were able to pick up their laptops from one location and smoothly plug them into a fully-functioning (and improved) network infrastructure in their new offices in just one day.

Fast network installation and network infrastructure moves require:

  • Careful planning: we worked closely with the customer’s IT team who worked remotely in the Cloud, preparing for all physical moving to be done within a 24-hour window.
  • Expert on-the-ground team: our specialist performance engineers understand the key network infrastructure that supports connectivity, and how to move it. They decommission the existing network and routing technology, carefully document and label it ready for full network installation at the destination.
  • Network installation: for mission-critical environments, we provide pressure-tested cabling and LAN solutions that work in the toughest conditions. Express Data ensured that our customer’s new network infrastructure and network communications were tested and ready for action as soon as required.

When network connectivity is critical, choose Express Data

Express Data is a specialist network infrastructure company, providing technology solutions and innovation platforms. Our customers rely on our performance engineering where there is a high cost of failure and in mission-critical environments.

To find out how we can help you manage changes to your network infrastructure, contact us on 0113 277 4111 or email

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