What is Express Monetisation?

Our platform is a globally unique Wi-Fi monetisation solution and a lot more besides. When integrated with an existing or a future Wi-Fi deployment the secure cloud based platform enables a fully engaging experience between your environment and the end users experience.

Through the provision in real time of tailored and relevant (to the end user) advertising content and incentives, recurring revenues on a monthly basis are delivered to the infrastructure owner.

How the platform differs

Is the often seen splash screen that delivers a single or multi brand offer that once clicked on is gone forever?

It is not monetisation by charging the end user for Wi-Fi

It is not monetisation by offloading cellular connectivity to Wi-Fi in order to reduce carrier costs

It is not about providing low performance connectivity and charging a premium rate for Wi-Fi that delivers better performance.


It is as we stated in the opening paragraph a unique opportunity at no cost to the owner of an existing enterprise Wi-Fi network to deliver a meaningful and rich engagement experience to the end user.
A snap shot of some of the information available via the end user interaction includes:

  • Total number of users – today/last 7 days
  • Average traffic – last 7 days
  • Age of users
  • Gender
  • Devices used
  • Platforms used
  • Session volumes
  • Time spent on service
  • Data usage – upload and download
  • Top users
  • Users currently online
  • Heat Map

How do we deliver the solution?

For clarity this is not an application that requires sales, marketing or social media skills on your part. It is a cloud service that we tailor and deliver via your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, a true low cost of ownership experience.

Through no obligation consultancy we will determine what your targeted audience will look like, understand what content will be acceptable for the audience and prepare to deploy, it is that simple.
Once the platform content has been scoped the solution is good to go. Simply re direct the opening splash screen, at the point of access to your network the end user authenticates by whatever means you determine and off we go, the more the user engages with the platform the more tailored and interesting it becomes and the more revenue is generated for the owner.

For those that don’t have an enterprise Wi-Fi platform we have our own in house solutions team on hand ready to design, install and commission a turnkey solution designed with high performance and monetisation in mind. The revenue generation from the platform will provide an incredibly short ROI on the initial Wi-Fi investment.

What’s in it for me?

Numerous benefits, putting the major benefit of generating significant revenue from an infrastructure that has typically been a drain on resource and funds to one side, some of the benefits are:

  • A unique opportunity to attract new clients whether your business is a shopping mall, college, university, motor dealership or supermarket
  • Significant increase in retention and loyalty
  • A clear understanding of trends, hotspots and usage
  • Very specific user demographics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Greater insight into user flow
  • The ability to deliver venue information

Contact us to find out more about how you can add value to both your visitors and your organisation with WiFi Monetisation.