St Peter’s School in York was founded in 627AD, making it one of the world’s oldest.  Being steeped in history, however, does not stop the school from being forward- thinking; in fact its ability to stay constantly abreast of social and technological advances has hallmarked its success.


The school appointed Express Data to maximise growing e-learning opportunities by allowing all staff and pupils to use their laptops to go online at any time, anywhere in the school, without the system failing.

As well as connectivity performance, St Peter’s School specified that its new network should remain at the leading edge of capability as future technologies emerge.

We installed a 4th generation Meru wireless network, offering unparalleled connectivity levels.  To allow the installation of advanced new application we restructured the existing wireless system – and the future-proofed, fully upgraded network was completed within a week.

Flexible, problem-free multi-access is now available anywhere on the school grounds.  The future proofed wireless solution will allow the ready incorporation of any emerging refinements, breakthrough technologies, new security protocols, and enhanced performance requirements, without the disruption caused by a reinstallation.

We required a provider who could offer both a personal service and technical excellence, so we would always understand what needed to be done and know that work was being achieved to deadline.

Ahead of installation, Express Data consultants explained to us in non-technical terms how the system would meet our needs, and kept us informed as the project progressed. They also met the tight timescales we had to impose, with no impaired access to the Internet as they worked.

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