Bacon Lines with LineView

Having been approached by a major UK retailer to assist in their pursuit of improved productivity, we engaged our ’10 Steps to Productivity’ using LineView and set about a carefully planned project to deliver the required outcomes.

The project

This project included 250 production lines (spread diversely across the UK) where productivity, reliability and performance across 13 sites were a clear concern for the business. The organisation needed to quickly identify where information was either being collected manually or missing, and automate data collection in those areas before identifying the six big reasons for loss of productivity.

This information was then presented in a format whereby management, operations and line staff were able to analyse, view and take appropriate action.

The process

We installed twelve main LineView XL800 systems in the Bacon situated at the end of each line. Using this method of deployment meant that all the production line staff were always engaged and in sight of the boards.

After an initial period of testing it was found that, in many instances, targets had either been set too high or too low so revised targets were put in place and uploaded to the system.

A baseline for improvement was established over four week period, during which all sections of the OEE formula were monitored and recorded both by shift and by product.

Taken as part of the DRM (Daily Review Meeting) process, this information was then translated into a series of actions designed to improve productivity.

The findings

Before long, it was established that the biggest causes of loss of production were the time taken in product changeover, and the amount of time lost to breakdown. These were closely followed by break time management.

By optimising the changeover process the client achieved a 35% reduction in the time taken for each changeover. This alone meant that the system was already showing a return on investment.

The machine manufacturer’s breakdown times were also substantially reduced on the check weigher and metal detectors, leading to an overall improvement in OEE measured at 4%.

The results

35% reduction in time taken for changeover.
Line breakdown times reduced.
4% overall increase in productivity.

This resulted in a £24,000.00 per week increase in net profit from the 12 lines.

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