Express Production View

By combining Express Data’s expertise in Network Infrastructure and Line Views XL 800 Productivity tools, we can deliver productivity and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) increases directly to your bottom line.

Express Data Ltd was formed in 1992 by an experienced team of network designers and installers. Over two decades later, and the company has enjoyed sustained growth in terms of staff-force, customer base, and portfolio. Set up initially as a data cabling company, Express Data has developed into a complete network solutions and productivity provider, offering customers a cost-effective solution that meets all their requirements.

Express are currently engaged by a large UK based supermarket chain to improve the productivity on over 250 food production lines, based at some 13 sites around the country in a variety of installation formats. This relatively low cost investment is designed to bring double digit improvements to their OEE and TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance). The first installation realised over £12,000 of productivity gain in the first month.

To find out how we helped a major UK retailer make measurable savings of £9,000 a week, read our ‘Abattoir Lines’ case study here.

At the end of 2017 Express Data had installed more XL800’s than any other UK company, expanding our ever increasing knowledge base of differing installation situations. Express Data with the XL 800 will provide you with a complete bolt-on solution that will help you deliver sustained manufacturing performance improvements.


Complete visibility of performance – respond in real-time

  • Plant floor scoreboard – XL800 enables operators to see performance in real-time and make adjustments in real-time.
  • Web-page interface – real-time performance and historical trend analysis available across your network.
  • Dashboard screens – link multiple XL800s together, via the web-page interface, to see performance across your entire plant and even multiple sites.


Real-time, accurate, reliable tracking of downtime

  • The intelligence within the XL800 automatically knows when your machine is running and when it is down, giving you genuine, reliable data to drive your decision-making.
  • Track your changeovers, set targets, see real-time performance to that target and review trended information for further improvement.
  • Instant management data – real-time visibility, historical analysis and exportable management reports by shift, job and product type all provide powerful data for your tactical and strategic decision-making.

Bolt on to any machine line

  • Take just two signals from your existing production line to give you accurate OEE and more than 100 performance metrics. Just provide a run signal and a reject signal and you are ready to go.
  • All software is built-in and included, nothing to load onto PCs, the display device is network attached, and all access is through the web page interface in the scoreboard. Connect it to your network and everyone has access!
  • Handles multi-product lines, multiple run rates, and pack size changes.

Easy to use

  • Self-configured and managed, XL800 works straight out of the box, plus it is fully configurable for your changing needs.
  • Minimal operator involvement – integrated barcode scanner enables quick and easy logging of downtime reasons, changeover periods and product changes as required.
  • FREE telephone and web support for the installation, remote monitoring, configuration and integration of your unit throughout your journey.

Express XL Teams

Express has several dedicated teams to help ensure the smooth installation and running of your new productivity tool.

Survey Teams

Your survey team will attend site prior to installation to ensure all the correct information has been collected, information gathered includes but is not limited to:-

  • The physical location that the display is to be installed and how it will be mounted / suspended.
  • Where is the hand held scanner to be installed, is one sufficient or are two required?
  • What volt free contacts from any existing PLC’s are to be used or are new sensors to be installed on the line.
  • Where is the nearest mains distribution board and are there sufficient free ways to allow the installation of an additional power supply for the XL800.
  • The location of the nearest data cabinet and are there sufficient ports on both switches and panels to facilitate a CAT5e or 6 connections.
  • What static IP addresses are to be assigned to the XL800 units
  • What are the operating hours of the lines in question, will the installation have to be done in or out of hours?
  • What type of containment is necessary, plastic / stainless steel etc.?
  • Are there any plans to move or alter the line make up in any way?

Installation Teams

  • We will pre construct off site all of the main and secondary junction boxes to ensure any down time on the line is kept to an absolute minimum. Express have designed this solution so that a large proportion of the work can be carried out off site at our premises, pre-engineered and delivered to site ready for installation, this will help us achieve our stated objectives, reduce costs and achieve tight installation deadlines.
  • Pre configure the XL800 with the relevant static IP addresses.
  • Install the XL in the positions agreed at the time of the survey, together with any additional sensors that are to be added to the line.
  • Provide to your maintenance department the necessary cabling for connection to the volt free relay contacts on the PLC’s.

Support Teams

  • New SKu additions
  • Shift pattern changes
  • Sdgsdgg

Maintenance Team

  • Remote equipment monitoring from our Network Operations Centre
  • Configuration back-ups available
  • XL800 next business day replacement
  • Replacement installation if required.