Network Infrastructure Specialists

Digital transformation is the key to business expansion. That’s not news, of course, it’s become an operational essential to keep smart companies ahead of their competition.

But how do you choose network infrastructure specialists you can rely on to design, deliver and support ultrafast, resilient and scalable network solutions?

Express Data has the expertise to deliver sustainable bandwidth and reliable connectivity to ensure a best-practice performance.

You will benefit from:

  • Rapid response installation
  • Wired, wireless and point-to-point solutions
  • Cabling systems testedto TIA, IEE and ISO-IEC standards

Your business can accelerate transformation with a healthy, secure, high-performance network.

Our experts design, deliver and manage your network infrastructure, optimising it for both resilience and availability. However demanding your business needs, we will work with you to understand your key objectives then create a tailored solution.

Express Data’s highly qualified data engineers are the beating heart of our operation, designing, installing and maintaining clients’ networks across the UK.

We offer rapid response installation because in the fast-moving world of manufacturing, retail and hospitality, those who delay risk losing business.

In the world of education, a robust design and dependable support services can underpin an optimum learning and teaching environment.

Business benefits of digital transformation

Point-to-point wireless connections offer excellent transmission speeds for audio, text and visual content, and greater reliability than traditional routers.

Cabling systems tested to TIA, IEE and ISO-IEC standards ensure quality and compliance.

As your business digitalises and grows, our team can connect more branches and terminals based on robust and efficient network management solutions.

Network infrastructure specialists are pivotal in securing your business continuity. It’s not enough to buy an IT system off the peg and forget about it. Ongoing support, regular maintenance and expert advice about your evolving needs are business critical.

Contact us today on 0113 277 4111 or email to find out how Express Data’s network infrastructure specialists can help set your business up for faster growth.

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