Network support for ambitious businesses

Business leaders need network support that ensures their technology won’t let them down – support that’s tailored to mission-critical industries.

Support that’s both bespoke and flexible.

The ideal is great customer service and a support network of highly trained experts matched to the brilliantly engineered technology solutions your business relies on.

Because each enterprise is unique, ambitious businesses have three priorities:

  1. Bespoke service: rather than an off-the-shelf approach, they want the flexibility of a contract by device, by site or by SLA; the option of business hours or call-off tickets. Express Data provide such a flexible approach. “We don’t think a flat % of the manufacturer’s RRP is the way a modern support organisation should operate,” says Managing Director Simon Wilson.
  2. Proactive maintenance: sophisticated monitoring tools that troubleshoot problems even before user issues become apparent. Because getting networks back up live as soon as possible is Express Data’s priority, we hold stock – onsite if necessary – and don’t rely on Manufacturer Warranties.
  3. Outcome oriented: tech support should make sure ambitious businesses get the most from their Express Data solution, with the expertise to keep tech performing at its peak.

Choice of support models

Dynamic businesses want a choice of support models. These can include:

  • Device-based Support: customised for the devices you want, when you want. Express Data offers this approach with remote monitoring and on-site break/fix principles, so clients only pay for the technology they want us to look after.
  • Site-based Support: the preferred approach of customers with multiple sites, with the ability to provide different service levels for critical locations.
  • Technical Support: when equipment is running well but companies want it to work harder! Support to help get more from a solution, either via call-offs or standard tickets.

The most forward-thinking businesses, however, often opt for a managed response.

The Express Data Managed Response (EDMR) combines all the elements above, wraps in additional considerations (such as security, compliance or performance SLAs) and delivers them as a bespoke monthly managed service on a long-term contract.

“EDMR is the perfect way to enjoy peace-of-mind as our customer whilst your organisation enjoys the fruits that come from superb solution deployment,” Simon Wilson says.

For the ultimate blend of leading technologies, delivered as a solution tuned to your business, and supported by a custom SLA, talk to Express Data today.

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