Broken Cables

Fast network infrastructure support solves connectivity crisis

How Express Data rescued network communications for a prestigious multi-site car dealership

What do you do when you realise construction workers are about to dig through a network connectivity infrastructure that supports operations on multiple sites? 

Call Express Data! 

We reacted quickly to our customer’s urgent support request, providing a team on-site within 24 hours to rescue the mission-critical systems and ensure that business operations across all sites could continue unaffected. 

Shared network infrastructure  

Our customer operates a prestigious multi-site car dealership in Leeds. One of the sites was being redeveloped, but it was only as demolition vehicles progressed that they realised the on-site Communications Room in fact served two separate local sites too. Critical infrastructure would be lost and significant downtime would impact both businesses unless a solution could be found quickly.

Broken Cables

Skilled network infrastructure engineers on demand 

Express Data has a team of experienced network infrastructure engineers ready to provide fast on-the-ground support in such situations. We understand the business imperative to rapidly diagnose, instal and restore network connectivity with minimal interruption, and we are quick to react to critical situations. 

Rapid network connectivity solution 

Our team of three skilled engineers were on site with our customer within 24 hours. They diagnosed the best way to provide alternative network communications for all three sites, giving the two independent dealerships bespoke network infrastructure solutions, and allowing the central site to be cleared for redevelopment. 

Over the course of two days, Express Data engineers re-routed the fibre-optic communications network to create robust wired area network connections for both critical sites. We developed a new connectivity hub at each location and tested the whole network infrastructure to ensure that it performed to meet our customer’s expectations. 

Commercially-aware support solutions 

At Express Data we know that timing is critical. You need rapid support, without disruption to your business. In this case, we were not only able to turn up quickly and assess what was required but also planned the work to coincide with periods when the site was closed, to minimise downtime. 

Fast, expert mission-critical support 

Our customer was delighted that we were able to act so fast when faced with the imminent destruction of their critical network infrastructure. We are now working (at a more relaxed pace) on network infrastructure design for the re-developed core site, which will include planning, component delivery, installation and connectivity by our experienced on-the-ground team. 

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