24/7 Network Infrastructure Emergency Response

However robust you believe your IT systems to be, it’s one of business life’s certainties that if something is going to go wrong with your network infrastructure, it will happen at the most inconvenient time.

Just when that big order for your premium client is about to be shipped, when customer demand is at its peak, or in the middle of the night.

Your business depends on rapid recovery – and you need to know you can trust the emergency call-out team to solve the network cabling problem before you miss a beat.

Express Data’s specialist engineers will be on site within 24 hours to fault find, diagnose and restore network connectivity.

You will benefit from:

  • Rapid response
  • Immediate repair
  • Minimal downtime

Customer Support

We offer both a 24/7service for our current customers, and an emergency call-out facility for any company facing a sudden network cabling crisis.

Whether your operations have been paralysed by a damaged fibre, equipment failure or lost internet access, our technicians are ready to start restoring your network.

With Express Data you have peace of mind that if disaster strikes out of hours, a specialist recovery unit will be on its way. We understand the challenges our clients face, as this client example highlights:

A local college lost their electrical service to a main server room on a remote site. The server room was thought to be protected by a UPS system, but it didn’t work. We were contacted as the site became populated early in the morning. Our engineers managed to get the site back up and running before lunch, avoiding the loss of study time for up to 1,000 students.

Many businesses are a 24-hour operation – from warehousing and manufacturing to call centres and hospitality – and for those that aren’t, there is no guarantee that any emergency is going to come during normal working hours.

Organisations that depend on their IT systems working seamlessly around the clock, every weekday and every weekend, rely on our 30 years of experience.

Why do our clients need emergency network assistance?

It’s true that they’ve thought ahead, carried out preventative maintenance and designed their systems for reliability and availability. But systems failures still happen, and when they do it’s essential to be able to call out specialists to get you speedily back up and running.

The alternative is handing your rivals a potentially costly competitive advantage. Because every minute your network is down means lost money, time and productivity.

It’s why after-hours network support is so valuable.

Contact us today on 0113 277 4111 or email info@expressdata.co.uk to find out how Express Data support services can remove the stress when an emergency happens.

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